a better pizza, everyday

Each morning, Jon Goldsmith walks the four blocks from home to Spacca Napoli. As he greets the day, he greets the dough. A certified pizzaiuolo, Jon embraces being part of the guild, the lifelong process of training for an artisan who lives in service of making pizza. A communicator and facilitator, food and community are at the heart of his work. Regular travels to Italy allow him to serve as a translator of his experiences abroad, and he brings that deep knowledge and passion to every dish.


the art of soul

Ginny Sykes, Jon’s partner in life and food, works from her studio upstairs. Her hand can be seen in the art and soul of the restaurant. Beyond her own works, she believes Spacca Napoli is a place to show and support art and culture. Lithographs and crafts, furniture and material culture, Spacca Napoli brings the spirit of Italy into everything they dopeople, relationships and an Italian-infused cultural exchange to Chicago.