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A few of our favorite Pizza books...


The Pizza Bible by Tony Gemignani

Passion for Pizza:
A Journey Through Thick and Thin to Find the Pizza Elite

by Craig Whitson & Tore Gjesteland

Inventing the Pizzeria: A History of Pizza Making in Naples 
by Antonio Mattozzi

Le Vie Della Pizza by Domenico Mazzella

Pizza by Gabriele Bonci

The Southern Italian Table:
Authentic Tastes from Traditional Kitchens by Arthur Schwartz

Naples at Table: Cooking in Campania by Arthur Schwartz

A16 Food + Wine
by Nate Appleman & Shelley Lindgren with Kate Leahy

The Mediterranean Kitchen by Joyce Goldstein

Giuliano Bugialli's Foods of Naples and Campania
by Giuliano Bugialli

Selected tracks from
Passione - Un'Avventura Musicale (Soundtrack)
A film directed by John Turturro

Jed Fielding Photography City of Secrets: Photographs of Naples by Jed Fielding


A strange light inhabits the photographs of Jed Fielding, a pale gray that one associates with place.  It has the cool texture of marble.  It preserves a certain formality, even if the camera lens allows little personal space.  It has a hallowing glow as it lights his subjects, denizens of the mean streets of Naples, with indigent pride.  It gilds their disenfranchisement, their dispossession in the ghetto, with a strong sense of energy, tribal power, physicality, self-possession.  Even if the accouterments of life in Naples are spartan, the light is triumphantly not.  Elegant, voluptuous, vibrant, it registers joy in life as Fielding photographs limbs, faces, gestures, the bold stare of infants, the withered faces of age, the laughter of children.


From the essay Portraits from a City, City of Secrets, 1998, by Nan Richardson.