Cathy Mantuano


With warm weather here and joyfully opening up our outdoor seating we want to thank everyone for coming out as the summer season gets underway. We hope you are loving the sunny afternoons lengthening more slowly into evening and the big night skies which make it perfect for meeting friends and hanging out--Italian style!

Summer seems to affect us all--Many of our clients are families who bring their kids who can hang out and play, free of bulky layers; and there just seems to be more relaxation in the air. In Italy life happens on the sidewalks as much as anywhere else; and at Spacca Napoli we are blessed with a quiet corner and lots of space to spread out. We hope being outside when weather permits makes sometimes having a wait be more playfully enjoyed. We do strive to make space possible for everyone to enjoy our offerings, and hope the increased summer seating helps us do so. We encourage you to enjoy the wait when there is one; maybe meet someone new outside as you savor the summer days!

Summer often highlights festive ceremonial events, and we have been thrilled to host several graduation parties, from fifth graders to high school to university.

Some of our clients have lately been calling and asking for special pizzas, and we will gladly take your favorite into consideration when planning each week's menu, accomodating whenever we can. It make take a couple days, but we would love to hear requests from you and will let you know when they will be on the menu. Look for some new seasonal fare in our appetizer specials such as polpi alla luciana, a signature dish from Naples.

Check out these wonderful new cookbook releases also focusing on Mediterranean fare; Tony & Cathy Mantuano of Spiaggia Restaurant have co-written Wine Bar Food: Mediterranean Flavors to Crave with Wines to Match; prolific author Joyce Goldstein has just released Mediterranean Fresh:A Compendium of One-Plate Salad Meals and Mix and Match Dressings (full disclosure: Goldstein is my aunt) These chefs inspire us all to live, shop and cook creatively!

Reminder that we are now open on Tuesdays for dinner in addition to our established hours.