come for the food, stay for the story

For a decade, Spacca Napoli has made pizza faithful to the authentic Neapolitan style. Dough is tended daily as a blend of love and craft and baked in an oven built by third and fourth- generation artisans from Napoli. Ingredients are carefully sourced from trusted vendors, many of which are unavailable anywhere else in Chicago. Wines and music are selected to create just the right experience and mood.

That Neapolitan style is about more than what you’re eating. It’s about a way of life. An abundant Italy. The spirited markets, robust street scene, enticing aromas and tastes that transport you to the heart of Naples. Spacca Napoli preserves and elevates hearty, rustic dishes in a beautiful space, while showcasing the essence of our family's Italian experience.

We want to share our love of Italy with you. Every object, piece of art and element in our restaurant is alive with a memory and a relationship. Ask us about it. Or, learn more about our Italy and the Naples’ pizzerias of Di Matteo, Starita, Trianon from where we take inspiration as well as what’s new at Spacca Napoli in our most recent travel letter.